How to become a Mystery Shopper ?

Interested in becoming a Mystery Shopper ?
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From 9th September our recruitment site is evolving. Registration to become a BVA Mystery Shopper is here:


What we do

Measure the quality of the client service provided by the different points of sale.
BVA Mystery Shopping works on various markets like Department stores, Automobile, Cosmetics, Optical, Telephone, Bank, DIY shops, hairdressers, etc.
Because of this, we recruit mystery shoppers to go to the points of sale and evaluate the quality of the service given.

What’s your role as Mystery Shopper ?

Just as any other client, you go to the store anonymously. You will have a certain predefined scenario to follow which will put you in the situation weather to ask for information or to make a purchase. You will observe the different situations to identify the strong and weak points of the client service provided. After this you’ll fill in an online questionnaire in order for us to have a report of your visit.
If there are purchases scheduled on your scenario, they will be take care of by BVA.

Qualities needed

Qualities needed to be a good Mystery Shopper :
  • Observative and good memory
  • Natural attitude
  • Objective
  • Good Capacity to follow instructions
  • Discretion and confidentiality

  • Elements you need to have :
  • Internet access to be able to log in your shoppers account
  • A printer to print your job contract
  • How to become a Mystery Shopper ?

    First Step : inscription through the internet
    You will have to answer some questions concerning your consumer habits, upload your CV and a picture of yourself.
    If your application is accepted, this will let us know which visits best suite your profile.

    Second Step : accepting your application
    If your application is accepted you will be part of our network of mystery shoppers.
    We will provide you with videos, conference calls and other training material to become a mystery shopper.

    You will have access to you profile on our system; there you will be able to know which missions are available in your region and postulate to the different missions that might interest you.

    Contract and salary

    You will receive a CDD (contract) for every mission you are accepted to do.
    You will be payed for every visit you have done; if there are any travel expenses, the cost will be covered by BVA by kilometers travelled.
    The time, day and salary for every visit vary according to the mission.

    For any other question you can contact recrut@bvams.com

    To learn more about BVA Mystery Shopping or Mystery Shoppers, please visit : www.bvams.com